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Welcome to NICOPA!

New and Innovative Courses for Precision Agriculture

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International project for capacity building in higher education

In frame of the Erasmus+ programme

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International consortium

Partner higher education institutions from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

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Welcome to the joint project in higher education NICOPA!

NICOPA is aimed to modernize curricula in precision agriculture using new technologies: Geographic Information System (GIS), Big Data, Remote Sensing

Activities to test innovated curricula and to disseminate the results:

  • analyzing and updating existing curricula according to educational needs
  • developing new certified curricula according to the new achievements in the area, the labor market demands and the Bologna Process
Higher education in Precision Agriculture
Modernizing curricula
Introducing new technologies
Targeting labor market demands


Consortium Partners


Project Years


New Core Curricula


Transferrable Curricula

New NICOPA Curricula

The project introduces 9 new core curricula and 3 transferrable curricula.

Remote Sensing and Application of Earth and Environment related PA

8 ECTS; 64 contact hours; 74 hours praxis; 64 hours student workload

Using of SENTINEL 1-2-3 imagery for agricultural field monitoring

4 ECTS; 30 contact hours; 50 hours praxis; 45 hours student workload

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (NAVSTAR, GLONASS, GALILEO, etc.)

3,5 ECTS; 32 contact hours; 40 hours praxis; 38 hours student workload

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